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"Skills, Safety, Success."

Skydive University (SDU) is a professional skydive instruction and coaching organization that provides all levels of general coaching and instructor training and ratings in the various, multifaceted disciplines of the sport of skydiving.

Our goal is to motivate and train all upcoming, continuously developing, and advanced skydivers in order to...


  • Expand their skills and accuracy while heightening intuition and awareness
  • Prepare them to participate in National and International team, individual, and formation skydiving competitions - safely, confidently and successfully
  • Train them to become skydiving instructors, coaches, trainers, and examiners themselves

What You Should Know About Skydive University...

We're Everywhere: SDU's expert coaches provide training all over the world, and our programs are recognized and endorsed both nationally and internationally. Create a login and register with SDU to get started, or contact us to find a coach near you.


"Skydive University coaches have been present at the World Championships since 1990, coaching various countries’ international teams."


We Coach All Levels: We coach brand-new skydivers or novice jumpers as well as advanced skydivers, competitive national and international teams and individuals and we even coach the coaches themselves... 

We're the Coaches' Coaches: Recognized as a worldwide leader in coach/instructor training and program design, SDU’s Coaches’ Certification program is an incredibly demanding, strenuous test for any skydiving coach to take on and pass. If you want to be the best-of-the-best, you've got to learn from those that came before - not only in skydiving, but also when it comes to educational methods and coaching in general. 

Persons that complete the instructor certification from Skydive University have demonstrated professional knowledge and skill in the following areas: adult education, psychomotor training/teaching, skill analysis, freefall and canopy control techniques, debriefing aptitude, and a comprehensive knowledge of the sport.


We Speak Your Language: Whether you're an international candidate who doesn't speak English – or you just have your own skydiving lingo – we have a coach that can communicate with you and take you to the next level of performance.


Our Skydiving Roots Run Deep: Currently, veteran skydiver and core World Team member, Rob Laidlaw, leads the SDU team of coaches, instructors and examiners. With decades of experience and numerous achievements (seriously, check out his bio...), Rob provides a valuable foundation of skill, knowledge, leadership, and coaching technique to the sport as well as the groups, instructors and skydivers he mentors.

Rob Laidlaw at a World Team Event, AZ

Rob Laidlaw, Founder of SDU

Rob Laidlaw began skydiving in 1973 in Manitoba, Canada and started teaching skydiving (as a static line instructor) in Pembina, North Dakota. He became an Examiner for Rigging and Instruction in 1976 and joined CSPA’s Safety and Training Committee in 1979.

We Have Serious National & International Appeal: SDU is recognized by–and has consulted with or conducted programs for–the following international organizations and countries:

  • Brazilian Parachute Association
  • Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
  • Danish Parachute Federation
  • Irish Parachute Federation
  • Paraguay Parachute Federation
  • United States Parachute Association


Other countries in the SDU repertoire include: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


We Are the One-and-Only Skydiving University: Skydive University is a prestigious name for a company to hold, and the designation and status of the title was indeed challenged in the mid 90’s in a letter requesting SDU to provide justification for being labeled a “university.” SDU more than satisfied the criteria required to hold such a title, and was sanctioned to continue using the name: Skydive University, Inc. Although various other institutions proclaim to be skydiving “academies” or “universities,” we know firsthand the requirements to make such a proclamation, and stand alone in our title.

Skydive University remains a one-of-a-kind educational institution in the sport of skydiving, and it's the only one, true skydiving university...

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