Basic Body Flight (BBF)

Skydive University offers intensive, professional coaching in a safe, fun, relaxed environment. Our comprehensive BBF program utilizes the very best training available, which means you’ll drastically reduce the time and expense involved in emerging as a safe, highly skilled skydiver.

Learn the fundamentals of basic flying and positioning along with principles for effective relative work as our coaches guide you every step of the way: You’ll start out mastering simple skills and exercises before moving on to more complex bodywork. With this initial training, students experience a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in their jumps – not to mention all the excitement that comes along with achieving many successful skydives so early in the game.

One on One:

Individual coaching is the most effective way to harness and enhance your personal flying skills quickly. When you’re still learning to fly, the more people you jump with–the longer your progression is stunted as a skydiver. For example, a four-way drill dive with pairs completing 360° turns and back to grips may allot you just 2 or 3 turns for yourself.  Individual training alongside a coach who is not going to move you can increase your turns up to as many as 12-15 per jump.

In skydiving, repetition is what locks in skill. The end result of completing an entire BBF program is unparalleled: With this course you can take your beginning flying skills from promising to powerful.

About the Course:

A full course is a 15-jump program that can be completed in 3 - 5 days. The program begins with the fundamentals of a relaxed neutral flying position, followed by a logical progression to more advanced skills. As with any course at Skydive U, safety is the number one concern at all times. Contact us today to get started.

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