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Questions About Your Tandem Skydive Experience? We've Got You Covered;

How high will we jump?

You'll jump from 13,500 feet safely harnessed to an experienced tandem instructor.

What kind of planes will I be in?

Skydive Deland has a fleet of aircraft to for your service. A DH-6 DeHaviland Twin Otter (22 seats), Shorts Skyvan (22 seats), Pac 750 (15 seats).

How long is the plane ride?

The plane ride takes, on average, about 20 minutes until we're at jumping altitude and ready to skydive.

How fast will I fall?

The average freefall rate of a tandem skydive is about 110 miles per hour.

How long will I be in freefall?

Freefall only lasts about a minute, but it can feel longer or shorter than that depending on the person experiencing the tandem. You'll then experience "pull time" at a predesignated altitude and after that you'll enjoy a relaxing ride under your parachute's canopy with your experienced tandem instructor.

How long will I be under canopy?

The canopy experience will last about 5-7 minutes until you've landed on the ground.

How much does a tandem skydive cost?

Pricing for a single tandem skydive is $189. Group deals are available for group tandem skydiving experiences and usually run at $165 per person for groups of 4 to 6 and $155 per person for groups of 7 or more. Please see out pricing sheet for more details as well as cost of video and picture souvenirs from your Florida tandem skydive experience.

What should I wear on my tandem?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. Much like you would for a workout. Please dress weather appropriate and remember that in winter the air is much cooler at altitude. Even when tandem skydiving in Florida!

Can my friends and family come watch?

Yes! Absolutely. We encourage spectators–especially loved ones, friends, and family to share in this special experience and invite them to come watch you on your tandem skydiving jump from our viewing deck outside of the restaurant at the DZ.

What if the weather is bad?

If there is high wind, heavy clouds or rainy weather the day your tandem is scheduled, you will be placed on a "weather hold." Luckily the dropzone at Skydive University's headquarters in DeLand has plenty to entertain you while you wait for the rain to clear and the clouds to burn off. Enjoy recreational areas and an air conditioned restaurant serving breakfast. lunch, and dinner 7 days a week.  Florida weather can be unpredictable but and can change quickly.

More Questions? Contact the Tandem Skydiving Team at Skydive University in DeLand, Florida Today

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